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House of Prayer

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And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold, saying to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be a house of prayer,’ but you have made it into a den of robbers.” - Luke 19:45-46



After Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and weeping over the city, he proceeds to cleanse the temple. He did this in order to fulfill Isaiah 56. Amazingly enough, Isaiah 56 is a prophecy for God provide salvation for foreigners to experience joy in God and offer up sacrifices in God’s temple i.e. “for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (v.7). The house of God is not described as a house of preaching, fellowship, teaching or even worship but as the dwelling place of prayer. Jesus’ mission for all peoples in every nation, tribe and tongue is to come before the Lord in prayer. Prayer then is to be championed and prioritized in our worship service. 



Prioritize prayer!

  • Church: Quarterly have ministry times for our church where people can come and be personally prayed for within our service. Have periodic and intentional community prayer where the church can pray for one another. 

  • Home: Is my home described as a house of prayer? Danganan house is a house of __________… Netflix, TV, yelling, peace? Besides prayer for food, before starting school work and bed times with the kids—are there intentional times of gratitude and seeking God in prayer? Get back to the things you did at first: wake up, get down on your knees in prayer and worship. Always have prayer time with Renee before going to sleep in bed. 



Heavenly Father,

Thank you for rekindling my passion for prayer this morning! Thank you Jesus that restored the temple as a house of prayer for me a foreign gentile. Lord, please strengthen me and give me the desire that in my life the vision of prayer in my house and your church. I love you. Maranatha!

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