"Wisdom That Discerns" | Daniel 1:8

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"The Power of a Testimony"

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Hearing the voice of God and seeing his hand at work can be difficult in the midst of crisis. Yet the prophetic voice of Isaiah is as relevant now in 2020 as it was over two thousand seven hundred years ago. Whether it's national turmoil, global pandemic, political division, financial downfall or personal crisis--God is sovereign and works all things for His glory. 


How do you know you are following Christ and walking in the Spirit? The gospel of Mark (10:32) describes that as Jesus was walking ahead of the disciples they were both afraid and amazed at following him. That's right--fear and amazement illustrates what it looks to follow Jesus. Would you join us as we study through the difficult teachings of Jesus that we sometimes wish he didn't say.

Kingdom Come

If we are serious at all about our Christian faith, we will want to learn and grow in prayer. The gospel of Matthew details what life in the kingdom of God looks like here on earth. Living under the reign and rule of God centers on prayer.