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Apr 28, 2019 | John Danganan

The Blessing of Right Living

Comparing God’s blessing in the OT, to the NT. In the OT it was in provision, abundance, and protection. Which is still true. But in the NT, when Jesus spoke in Matthew 5 He talks about those who hunger and thirst, who mourn, who are meek... these things that seem negative, they are actually the one who’s blessed. In their brokenness they will see more of God. 

So if you feel like your house is falling apart, everything is a mess, relationships are straining... Jesus says you are blessed, because if you are willing, He will meet you right there. 

Series Information

Blessing is a word that we throw around a lot in our society. We see God’s blessing come through in provision, abundance, protection, and presence. But what actually is God’s blessing? What does it mean? And what does it look like in the confines of the most important location in our lives... our home? In this series we will learn how to cultivate God’s blessing in our homes and relationships.