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Acts: To the Ends of the Earth

Jun 02, 2024 | John Danganan

Power of Praying Together | Acts 4:23-31

Join us as we delve into the spiritual strength and unity that emerges when we come together in prayer. Learn how praying as a community can amplify our faith, bring us closer to God, and create lasting bonds within our church family. Whether you're new to group prayer or looking to deepen your spiritual practice, this message will inspire and uplift. Don't miss out on this powerful experience of faith and fellowship!

Series Information

Have you ever wondered about the true nature of the Church? Is it merely a gathering of individuals within the walls of a building, or does it possess a dynamic and unstoppable force that can reach "To the Ends of the Earth"? Join us in this captivating sermon series as we delve into the Book of Acts, uncovering the secrets of the early Church and exploring how its extraordinary impact continues to shape our lives today.

Embark on a journey through the pages of Acts, witnessing the birth of the Church and the unfolding of God's plan for His people. Encounter the gripping stories of courageous apostles, miraculous interventions, and the unstoppable power of the Holy Spirit that propelled the Gospel from Jerusalem to the farthest corners of the known world.