A disciple's devotion is not hypocritical but authentic. Motives of the heart are more important than religious activity.

Jesus' heart is that we would not only love our neighbors. But we are to love our enemies as well.

We continue in our series "Sermon on the Mount". This message takes a look at Matthew 5:38-43. Where Jesus takes the statement "Eye for an Eye" and changes it up. Jesus rather condemns the way the law of retaliation has been abused to promote personal revenge.

Graduation Sunday

We celebrate God's faithfulness in our graduating class of 2020 and the importance of taking ownership of one's faith.

Truthfulness & Integrity

Truthfulness in our words builds integrity in our character.

Jesus is more concerned about the internal posture of the heart than the external appearance of religiosity.

"Anger is a natural experience to any genuine relationship. Yet Jesus gets down to the heart of anger and teaches practical ways to deal with anger. Let's not let our anger prevent reconciliation in our relationships."

Matthew 5:17-20 Morality cannot SAVE you. Immorality cannot SATISFY you. Jesus does BOTH.

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Current Series


Hearing the voice of God and seeing his hand at work can be difficult in the midst of crisis. Yet the prophetic voice of Isaiah is as relevant now in 2020 as it was over two thousand seven hundred years ago. Whether it's national turmoil, global pandemic, political division, financial downfall or personal crisis--God is sovereign and works all things for His glory.