Gospel Centered Proclamation


Gospel Centered Proclamation

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Stand Firm

In a world filled with uncertainties, challenges, and shifting values, it's essential for us as believers to stand firm in our faith. Join us for an enriching study of the book of 1 Peter, where we will explore the timeless wisdom and encouragement it offers to empower us in our journey of faith.

In this captivating sermon series, "Stand Firm," we will embark on a transformative expedition through the teachings of the Apostle Peter. Through his heartfelt words, we will discover how to find unwavering strength, resilience, and hope amidst trials and tribulations.

Faith Works

Faith... Works. This is the message of James. We, in our own strength, cannot stand in the face of adversity. We could never find the strength to trust without faith because we don't have the capability to see above the trials we meet, to keep our eyes focused on the King while counting the situation we are currently experiencing as joy.


"Our One Anothers"

Faith is lived out in the context of relationships. The New Testament gives us a lot of “one another” instructions on how we should treat each other in the family of faith. “One Another” is used 100 times in 94 N.T. verses. 47 of these verses give specific instructions to followers of Jesus. Join us in this journey of how we can thrive in our relationships.


The teaching ministry of Jesus is described in him speaking often many things in parables (Mark 4:2; Matt 13:3). In fact, about a third of his teaching about the kingdom of God is in the narrative form of parables. If you want to know Jesus and understand the kingdom of God we must come to come to terms and wrestle through the parables. Join us as we connect our stories to the stories of Jesus.

Bless This Mess

Blessing is a word that we throw around a lot in our society. We see God’s blessing come through in provision, abundance, protection, and presence. But what actually is God’s blessing? What does it mean? And what does it look like in the confines of the most important location in our lives... our home? In this series we will learn how to cultivate God’s blessing in our homes and relationships.


The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is not the Great Suggestion or worse yet the Great Omission. Every Christ follower has been called to make disciples. There is no Plan B—there is no other way people can be saved except through hearing the word of Christ (Rom 10:9) as people are sent. This series will focus on an outward, life-on-life relationship of making disciples as a lifestyle. The thrust of the Great Commission is making disciples (imperative verb) and the rest of the action words (adverbial participles of manner) answer how we are to make disciples i.e. by GOing out to where the lost are at, BAPTIZING people into the triune God and TEACHING people to obey.


How do you know you are following Christ and walking in the Spirit? The gospel of Mark (10:32) describes that as Jesus was walking ahead of the disciples they were both afraid and amazed at following him. That's right--fear and amazement illustrates what it looks to follow Jesus. Would you join us as we study through the difficult teachings of Jesus that we sometimes wish he didn't say.

Kingdom Come

If we are serious at all about our Christian faith, we will want to learn and grow in prayer. The gospel of Matthew details what life in the kingdom of God looks like here on earth. Living under the reign and rule of God centers on prayer.