Patience in Suffering

The Lord's Comfort

Are you feeling depleted and low on strength? God is leveling the field to get to you. Isaiah 40 says that God will renew your strength for those who wait on him.

Laying up Treasure in The Last Days

"Laying Up Treasure in the Last Days" - Our consumerism culture is one that parades overconsumption and excess in our possessions. In fact, as of December 2014 there are more self-storage facilities in the United States than McDonald's restaurants and Starbucks stores combined. Have we asked ourselves, "How much is enough?" Are there consequences to selfishly hoarding possessions and self indulgent lifestyles? Let's find out from James 5:1-6.

Arrogance / Humility

Faith... works

But GODS grace is more

Faith... Works

Wisdom From Above

What is the litmus test of godly wisdom? Is it found in the knowledge of biblical orthodoxy or theological facts? James 3:13-18 answers what the fruit of genuine wisdom produces.

Taming The Tongue

Faith... Works. This is the message of James. We, in our own strength, cannot stand in the face of adversity. We could never find the strength to trust without faith because we don't have the capability to see above the trials we meet, to keep our eyes focused on the King while counting the situation we are currently experiencing as joy.

Faith Without Works is Dead

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Hearer // Doer


Current Series

Stand Firm